The launching ceremony of the "China Public Service Anchor List" project was held in Beijing.

Text/Yangcheng Evening News All-Media Reporter Li Li

On March 28th, the 8th China Public Welfare Annual Conference was held in Tsinghua University. The theme of this year’s annual meeting is "Keep your passion, keep going". It is hoped that through the "aggregation effect" of the annual meeting, the public welfare undertakings of "improving social efficiency, creating social atmosphere, participating in social incentives and building modern civilization" will continue to create new social values.

In order to carry forward the positive energy of society, lead more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, and jointly help new formats and modes such as live broadcast, short video and instant e-commerce to standardize healthy and sustainable development, Public Welfare Times held the launching ceremony of "China Public Welfare Anchor List" at this annual meeting.

The Public Welfare Times compiled and published the "China Public Welfare Anchor List", and the "China Public Welfare Anchor List Office" was responsible for the collection, compilation and publication of public welfare practice cases in the anchor field, and praised celebrities, network anchors, content creators, caring enterprises, etc. who made outstanding contributions to society, so as to make digital public welfare communication more social. The establishment of this list not only reflects the society’s attention to digital public welfare, but also highlights the positive role of network anchors and content creators as public figures in spreading positive energy and leading social fashion.

"Find the power of example and carry forward the spirit of public welfare!" Next, China Public Service Anchor List will hold a series of special events on public service cultural themes, such as "China Public Service Good Things" and "Digital Public Service Competition". Together with major network platforms, high-quality anchors, social celebrities, caring enterprises and public service brands, we will build a digital and sustainable public service ecosystem through digital empowerment.