When and when is Christmas in 2018?

  In western countries, Christmas is a festive festival for family reunion, which has dual functions of religious festivals and cultural festivals, and is also an important business activity season. So today’s Gregorian calendar will introduce you to the date of Christmas and the date of Christmas in 2018. Let’s learn together.

When is Christmas in 2018?

  A: Christmas in 2018 is on December 25, 2018, Tuesday, November 19, 2018 of the lunar calendar.

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  Christmas time in 2018

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When and when is Christmas?

  Christmas, also known as Christmas Day, the birthday of Jesus, is translated as "Christ Mass", a traditional western festival, which falls on December 25th every year. Mass is a liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival, because it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, hence the name "Christmas".

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What day is Christmas?

Differences between Christmas at home and abroad

  1. The West doesn’t eat apples on Christmas Eve.

  In China, as early as before the arrival of Christmas Eve, lovers and friends began to give apples to each other. Because "Apple" and "Ping" have the same sound, they take the meaning of peace and smoothness, hoping for peace and security in the next year. In recent years, the market has also launched apples with Christmas trees and the words "peace and auspiciousness", and various styles have emerged one after another.

  In the west, there is no such homophonic saying. The habit of eating Ping ‘an fruit didn’t spread until Christmas came into China.