Women who have seen the world: don’t wear gold and silver, don’t spend money on clothes, don’t curl their hair, and they are elegant and temperament when they are old.

Envy those women who are not affected by age, but still have extraordinary temperament even when they are getting older. Instead of envy, it is better to learn how to look up to them and learn more about how these elegant women dress themselves up every day. I believe you can also make a big change.

Do remember! Women who have seen the world will not wear gold and silver, clothes and hair, because to be a temperament woman, it is necessary to be exquisite from beginning to end, without a detail. If you operate like this, it will be difficult to be elegant until you are old!

It can be elegant when you are old, and it is analyzed in three parts:

The first part, hairstyle-don’t curl your hair at will

(i) Several negative cases of curly hair:

① instant noodles

The curling degree of instant noodles is exaggerated, and if it is not taken care of well, it will also cause a messy effect. Moreover, the instant noodle head directly enlarges the head, making the face of the head look very big. This hairstyle will become aunt as soon as it is left, especially without makeup.

② explosive head

The explosive head is a more exaggerated hairstyle based on the instant noodle head, which may be a combination of high bulkiness and instant noodle head. In short, leaving this hairstyle will only make people feel that you are a second-dimensional person, not everyday, and there is no beauty at all.

③ Wool roll

Wool rolls have higher requirements for hair quantity, and people with less hair quantity will be more suitable. If the hair is a little careless, it will become the type of explosive head, so it is easy to make the overall image sloppy and unfocused, and it is easy to split.

(2) Keep a natural hairstyle that pays attention to fluffy feeling.

1. Collarbone micro-curly hair

The length of the clavicle is the least height-conscious, and staying tall and short will not affect the proportion of the whole person. Moreover, with the range of micro-curls, the hair will look less stiff and add a lot of foreign flavor. More importantly, it can highlight the lines of the neck and clavicle, which will visually make the upper body thinner.

Shoulder-length natural straight hair

Straight hair about the length of the shoulder has a sense of lightness between the length and the length. It retains the conciseness and comfort of short hair, but also brings the exquisiteness and femininity close to that of long hair. In addition, it is a more natural straight hair, and the overall image will appear more elegant and temperament.

3. Short straight hair over the ear.

Short hair just over the ears is very capable and exquisite. If it doesn’t exceed the ears, it will look too masculine. The overall image is biased towards men’s style and has no femininity. This kind of short straight hair concentrates the sense of refinement and comfort, and can also show the slender lines of the neck on the side, which has different advantages for people with long or short necks.

The second part, wearing-not gaudy.

A focus on taste should be good at subtracting clothing.

(1) The style of clothes emphasizes texture rather than design.

We should be good at wearing basic clothes and bottoms, and reject all styles with surface design, such as prints and three-dimensional elements! And the quality should also be checked, and it will be expensive when you wear it.

The soft wool of woolen coat, the drooping feeling created by the three-dimensional thickness of jeans, or the softness and delicacy of simple matching sweaters, each single product can achieve a very fine sense of high-end quality, and there will be no frivolity and no sense of inferiority. Both sets are very simple to wear, but they are enough to appear very advanced in taste.

For example, when we choose the simplest shirt, we must choose a material that is not easy to wrinkle and deform. This silky material with a pearly feel will refract light and shadow on the upper body and will not be easily affected by external forces. It is best to match it with suits and pants with the same strong sense of drooping, so that the whole will develop in a smooth and flat direction.

⑵ Simple collocation is clear at a glance.

This follows the effective combination of tightness, depth and softness. Seemingly plain minimalist collocation, but you can see that the dark slim top of the upper body is outstanding for slimming; At the same time, the stiff material of the lower body is also very stylish, and the outline of the legs is out. Paired with a wide tube of trouser legs, it is in sharp contrast with the slim upper body, and it can also cover all kinds of shortcomings in the legs, so as to be slim and tall with confidence.

The combination of black and white in color and the same sense of material make this set very convincing. Full of neutral and heroic beauty, stiff sweaters and suit pants, as well as classic and soft black and white complement each other. You don’t need to decorate it, just concave a shape is full of high-grade feeling!

(2) Be good at finding some color combinations with high sense.

-advanced colors are not dark or bright, and there must be a bright side in color matching.

Like these deep black, gray blue, etc., they are old-fashioned colors when they are worn. Young women wear them without vitality, while older women wear them more old-fashioned, which is not suitable in short; There is also a fluorescent color with brightness and no texture. Although it is bright when worn, it is also very tacky.

(1) light color and cold color with advanced beauty upgrade.

The color of the cold feeling is biased towards the winter atmosphere, and most of the colors are blue-green or gray, etc. When matched with light colors, the upper body will have a shiny feeling. Moreover, the combination of dark gray suppresses this cold temperament, and the light color is just right, which even magnifies the advantages of cool color.

⑵ The combination of dark color and warm color shows the beauty of foreign color difference.

Warm colors are different, and they have enough eye-catching strength. Just showing warm colors is already very foreign. Matching with light colors will weaken the fashion sense of this contrast, but using deep colors as the background board will immediately highlight the bright eyes of these warm colors, and the eye-catching parts will be seen immediately after a comparison.

The third part, accessories-don’t wear gold and silver

(1) The inclusiveness of gold and silver is too small.

A sense of high class needs a certain clothing style to match.

A slight increase in style and details will be exaggerated or rustic.

Accessories made of gold and silver are generally set off by formal or grand clothes, and clothes that are too simple and casual are somewhat out of place with these accessories. And especially gold, the style should be chosen very carefully. If you exaggerate a little, you will wear it very rustic.

(2) It is easier to directly select images with elegant and advanced temperament.

(1) representative accessories with quality can be grasped at a glance.

A watch is a single item that can best show a person’s fashion taste.Senior people will definitely choose watches for jewelry decoration. There are many grades of watches, and expensive watches can even buy a suite, so look closely at those who have taste, or those who have money, and prefer to study watches.

Bags are also a fashion weapon that can easily show the taste and texture.Cheap bags and expensive bags can be reflected not only from the brand logo, but also from the material and workmanship. Even if you wear simple and simple clothes, you can’t stop your sense of high-grade when you carry your expensive bag out of the door.

⑵ "Soft accessories" have more choices.

The ornament of accessories is not only gold, silver and jewelry to achieve a sense of high quality, but also soft peripheral elements can actually play a very good role in ornament.Hats, shawls, scarves or belts,They all belong to soft accessories that can play a plus role.

Learn from women who have seen the world, and they will never wear gold and silver, or make their hair styles and clothes fancy. Everything is simple and elegant, so that they can be so elegant and elegant until they are old.