People are happy when they are happy! William Feng’s new drama conference turned into "Pippi Peak"

William Feng and Zhu Yilong attended the "Know No" conference.

The TV series "Do you know if it should be green, fat, red and thin" was held in Beijing today. The newly-married William Feng people are full of spirits at every happy event. They changed from serious Feng Shu to "Pipifeng", generous and humorous to help "good brother" Zhu Yilong, and contributed many golden sentences. The scene has become his "stand-up comedy" special.

William Feng hugs Zhu Yilong

"Do you know if it should be green, fat and thin?" starring newlyweds Zhao Liying and William Feng. Although the heroine couldn’t attend, William Feng also distributed a lot of "invisible dog food". When talking about his role in the play, Uncle Gu said "sweet": "He will take his wife to eat delicious food, make up his wife, be jealous and have a little mood, and create an atmosphere …" Turning to his rival Zhu Yilong in the play, he asked weakly, "Is it not good to say this in front of you?" Bring laughter to the scene.

When asked about the wisdom of life learned from filming, while shy Zhu Yilong was still thinking, William Feng took the initiative to answer the question: "I’ll answer this! I think Zhu Yilong should have learned a deep lesson. That is, when you like a girl, you must marry her at the first time. Don’t wait! Also, brothers can’t be trusted easily. If you are not active, the opportunity will slip to your brothers. Men must be a little worse. " William Feng also "complained" that the little girls in the play all liked the little grandfather played by Zhu Yilong. "In order to clear up the relationship with me, I followed him and shouted a second uncle … but I was used to it anyway. When I was still very young, my fans called me Feng Shu."

William Feng revealed that although they are rivals in love in the play, they have a good relationship outside the play. Zhu Yilong was shy when he was unfamiliar. "You can not talk from beginning to end after eating a meal." But after getting acquainted, the teacher became more lively and talked about everything. He once took himself to eat chicken, but he failed to learn. William Feng also recalled seeing Zhu Yilong for the first time in the crew. "I like Yi Long very much as soon as I see him. He looks like Tony Leung Chiu Wai [Weibo], so handsome! I took a fancy to him at first sight. But that scene was our tit-for-tat, and the gas field had to be mentioned, so he also promoted the small universe, and I also promoted the small universe, so I stared at each other! " When Zhu Yilong talked about his first impression, he sincerely said: "It was too dark, I didn’t see it clearly …" That led William Feng to "remedy" quickly. "He didn’t wear contact lenses that day!" Also reminded each other in a low voice that "we should flatter each other at this time", Zhu Yilong instantly understood and replied: "Brother Feng is very handsome! My first impression when I saw Feng Ge was that Feng Ge was more handsome than I expected … "